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CAPE KALIAKRA … photo diary of a perfect evening

When the sun started to set and the beautiful beach of  “Thracian Cliffs” finally got deserted, we knew it was time for us to head up, towards the cliffs of Cape Kaliakra. The views were absolutely incredible across Bulgarian Riviera and the setting sun put on a show for us,

MDINA … photo diary of a timeless jewel

The upper deck of the touristic bus was full the day we decided to visit “the Silent City” and we were lucky to still catch seats with a view. It’s a half an hour ride from Valetta across Malta’s rocky relief but all the ceramic and pottery workshops that dot

MONACO … photo diary of a Mediterranean masterpiece

Monaco is the country with the largest number of billionaires per capita in the world and yet it doesn’t flaunt its posh style in your face, making it, for us at least, the real proof that true wealth should be more about a very high standard of living rather than an overbearing manifestation of one’s financial power.

FLORENCE … a photo diary

Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet at Versailles – a photo diary

Wonderfully placed on the grounds of Versailles, Marie Antoinette’s hamlet is an exquisite proof of the queen’s love for natural beauty and we feel it stands as an homage to the real memory of what we feel is a woman that history wrongfully villainized.

Photo diary of Venice

Views of Grand Canal   Views in Piazza San Marco Unmistakably Venice      

Please let it rain in Venice! – a photo diary

Rain brings magic every time  it falls… or at least that’s how we feel about it! There is something clean and fresh and a smell of new when the moist of rain fills the air. Granted, rainy weather is not something one usually hopes for during a vacation – and indeed

The Village Museum in Bucharest – photo diary

We always love it when we find islands of tranquility in the heart of major cities. As much as we love urban life after a couple of days of visiting large metropolises we do feel the need to break the pace once in a while and take a step back