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We love to have City Breaks. We are not full-time travellers and we have different jobs – which we both love – but they do prevent us from being out of the office for too long. We still have a passion for travelling so we run away on City Breaks (or Rural Breaks :)) – for 3-4 days – very often and we now actually love doing that much more than having very long holidays. So this category compiles different City Break tips and tricks we would like to share with you, itineraries we have have enjoyed in different places and other stuff we think you would like when preparing for your own City Breaks.

DUBLIN … a traveller’s lucky clover

When I die DUBLIN will be written in my heart That is what Mr. James Joyce said about his city and, although I am not Irish, nor did I write anything comparable to “Ulysses” 🙂 I humbly agree with that quote from the bottom of my soul. There are cities

FLORENCE … redefining art – rewriting history

So what happens when after a millennium of Dark Ages, plagues and constant invasions humanity craves to breathe again? … I guess there would be a need for a Rebirth. And if you add  into the equation the most powerful family in the world who just so happened to be

FLORENCE … a photo diary

Photo diary of Venice

Views of Grand Canal   Views in Piazza San Marco Unmistakably Venice