Lavender Fields in Provence

lavander field 3

Mid-July is definitely lavender time in Provence. We knew that … we’ve dreamt of it for some time, and we have planned our entire South-of-France trip around it. There is nothing that spells out “Provence” more than the image of those purple flowers.

And yet, no matter how many pictures or videos you have seen on good, old, internet, nothing compares to the actual feeling of staring into that almost never ending flow of violet splendour.

We were 5 people in the same car, driving out from Moustiers-Sainte-Marie towards the Lavender Fair of Valensole. The road takes you through the Valensole Plateau which is literally covered in a thick purple blanked, and at every bend of the road another, even more spectacular, field of lavender comes into sight. I think we could hear an “OMG!!!” followed by a deep sigh once every minute during that trip and we probably stopped at least a dozen times, because that scenery and that perfumed air were just incredible.

The evening light caught us wondering through the fields, simply ignoring any nuisances like heat or bees and basking in that delicious moment, that we wish it could have lasted forever.

If you truly want a wonderful feel-good moment, once you are done taking pics, simply go back in your car, lower your windows to let all that fragrance invade you – or even better yet, get a convertible to begin with 🙂 – put on your favourite songs and just drive around being present only there and nowhere else – letting your senses lead your heart, until the sun completely sets. What better place for a mindfulness exercise than the midst of blossoming lavender fields … C’est la vie en mauve, nos amis!


Valensole Plateau on Google Maps


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