Especially when travelling, our sight is bombarded by hundreds of images in every single moment and our eyes keep wondering around, searching for new and interesting things to decipher. And yet, there are things – a work of art, a piece of landscape, a person, an animal, a colour, a tile on the street, a corner of a building, a cloudy sky, a happy crowd  – that have the ability to stop time and channel your entire focus exclusively on them for a little while. They don’t have to be beautiful, popular, interesting or even something big … but for you, in that fragment of time they are everything, because they have triggered such a powerful emotion that briefly they made you stop wondering. It can be amazement, sadness, awe, curiosity,  surprise or any of the multitude of feelings people can develop – it was strong enough to make you hurry towards it, analyse it from different angles, immerse yourself in it and then stop … pick up your camera … and catch that image in a picture so you can share it with the rest of the World if you could. And  … if you were to describe that moment, it would be like a wonderful shot of adrenaline. We call these moments Emotion Shots and here are some of ours. 

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