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Photo diary of Venice

Views of Grand Canal   Views in Piazza San Marco Unmistakably Venice      

DOs and DON’Ts in Venice

  Estimated reading time: aprox. 10 minutes (2000 characters)  Let’s be very blunt here! Tens of thousands of people flock to Venice every day packing the place up like out-of-control sardines crammed in a very narrow place. Add to that a 1000 years old city that was entirely built on

Please let it rain in Venice! – a photo diary

Rain brings magic every time  it falls… or at least that’s how we feel about it! There is something clean and fresh and a smell of new when the moist of rain fills the air. Granted, rainy weather is not something one usually hopes for during a vacation – and indeed

The Village Museum in Bucharest – photo diary

We always love it when we find islands of tranquility in the heart of major cities. As much as we love urban life after a couple of days of visiting large metropolises we do feel the need to break the pace once in a while and take a step back