With an internet full of blogs and travel advice, why another travel blog?

It is indeed true that in this day and age when people have more access to travelling than ever before, writing about one’s trips abroad is very popular, and some blogs out there are quite remarkably well done and have wonderful content, which we often enjoy reading. On the other hand, we feel that blogging is not a contest, nor should it follow entirely the principles of competitive markets. At the end of the day, a travel blog is born from the desire of sharing with the world your own experiences and feelings about the places you have visited and as such they are uniquely attuned to the writer’s personality, views and obviously their desires and wishes of what travelling should be like. In this sense, the same place, at the same time, can mean something totally different for us, compared to another blogger sitting just two feet away, taking the same snapshot.

Do you have travel blogs or travel advice sites that you use when planning your trips?

We have sources of inspiration when choosing our next destination, that’s for sure – but, in all honesty, we didn’t yet find an internet travelling sources that fully speaks to us and to what we are looking for when visiting new places. Many sites on the internet are either very much focused on budget travelling, exploring remote or wild places, far-off destinations or, at the other spectrum, some are very much tour guides packed full of technical touristic information but which sometimes – for us – feel voided of the cultural and social significance and emotion of those particular places. We don’t really travel on a budget, we are not particularly keen on wild adventures and our daily lives and careers prevent us from taking very long trips or extended holidays in places on the other side of the world. We both have a passion for history and art and we don’t really like to just put a tick on a local landmark, but actually try to go deeper in its significance and importance. We also love just strolling on the streets, visiting the shops and enjoy immersing in the locals’ way of living.

What made you decide to create waytwogo.com?

Well, the first push came from our friends. Along the years we have visited a lot of places and usually the itineraries and trips we came to put together were very much enjoyed by those that either came with us or replicated them in their own travels. Many of them shared with us, what we also felt. Although wonderfully created and boasting stunning photography, many of the travel sites on the internet don’t speak to those, like us, that don’t have the time or desire to go on wild, exotic, adventures, nor do they like travelling on a budget or back-packing but in the same time don’t want to be at the mercy of travel agents or bus-trips to decide their holidays for them. 

We both have very active professional lives and careers which we really love and for us travelling is a way to enrich ourselves, relax and explore new places in as much comfort as possible so that when we come back, our batteries are fully restored to go back to our daily jobs. We feel there are many people like us out there that love to travel, but for them, like us, travelling is not a full time job. 

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