CAPE KALIAKRA … photo diary of a perfect evening

Kaliakra 1

When the sun started to set and the beautiful beach of  “Thracian Cliffs” finally got deserted, we knew it was time for us to head up, towards the cliffs of Cape Kaliakra.

Kaliakra 11

The views were absolutely incredible across Bulgarian Riviera and the setting sun put on a show for us, that truly left us speechless. It kept on hiding and reappearing behind the ruined walls of Kaliakra, making us feel as if we were playing Hide and Seek with that big, incandescent ball of paling fire.

Kaliakra 2

One one side you still had the glowing sun, making its last curtain call before ending the day’s performance, and on the other side, like a greedy diva, the moon was already up wanting to steal the spotlight.

Kaliakra 9
Rina trying to catch the moon 😀 … and she did!


Thinking of … nothing actually 🙂 … just enjoying the sunset and breeze…

The skied changed from orange, to red, to light purple and hazy pinkish shades in a display of spectacular warm late-summer tones.

Kaliakra 3

And when the moon finally won, remaining the sole mistress of the sky, the atmosphere got filled with a cold blue haze and Kaliakra’s ramparts started glowing in a beautiful white mist-like aura.

Kaliakra 5

Kaliakra 10

We ended the evening in the most picture-perfect tavern’s you could find. You know we don’t usually give names of any particular restaurants or accomodations, but this one is too beautiful to miss. Tucked in a cave, half under the rock and half facing the sea from above, if you are ever in Cape Kaliakra, do check out “Castello di Kaliakra”.

Kaliakra 6

If you ever find yourself on the Bulgarian riviera, do spend a sunset and an evening in Cape Kaliakra. The untamed nature and the spectacle the sun will give you, will surely add to your wonderful vacation memories.

Until next time, Happy Lives and Joyful Journeys everyone!

Kaliakria 8





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