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I have decided to write this short post in order to answer the many and different questions I have received mostly through Social Media about my photos. Thank you so much for them and for your interest 🙂


I am in no way a professional photographer, not even a semi-professional one but I do strive to capture those moments and places as much as I can :D. Indeed, unless otherwise specified, all images used on this blog are mine and they usually bear the “wayTWOgo” logo to highlight that.

Still, there are a few occasions when I am unable to catch a particular shot or detail that I would love to talk to you about or sometimes photography is not allowed in certain places but that doesn’t make them less wort mentioning. In those case I would resort to the internet to find relevant images but you will always be able to clearly see which ones those are as I would always reference the source in these images’ captions.


Well that is a fancy name for what I actually use to take my photos, but let’s make it seem pro 😀

  • Main camera: Sony Alpha 6300 for now (will probably switch to a Full-Frame in the near future)
  • General use lens: Sony E3.5-6.3/18-200 OSS
  • Secondary lens: Sigma 30mm f1/4 DC DN Contemporary

I also love using my phone a lot. To be honest there are many moments during my travels when I just don’t feel like carrying my camera the whole day long but I can’t help taking photos of course :). So my Iphone comes in very handy.


For editing I usually use

  • Adobe Camera Raw
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Luminar 3

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