Month: July 2018

FLORENCE … redefining art – rewriting history

So what happens when after a millennium of Dark Ages, plagues and constant invasions humanity craves to breathe again? … I guess there would be a need for a Rebirth. And if you add  into the equation the most powerful family in the world who just so happened to be

FLORENCE … a photo diary

Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet at Versailles – a photo diary

Wonderfully placed on the grounds of Versailles, Marie Antoinette’s hamlet is an exquisite proof of the queen’s love for natural beauty and we feel it stands as an homage to the real memory of what we feel is a woman that history wrongfully villainized.

San Pietro – Grandiose Glory

Estimate reading time: around 10 minutes (2200 characters) TV ES PETRVS ET SVPER HANC PETRAM AEDIFICABO ECCLESIAM MEAM … you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church … There are places in this World that touch and move us in very special ways. Many years ago,

Photo diary of Venice

Views of Grand Canal   Views in Piazza San Marco Unmistakably Venice      

DOs and DON’Ts in Venice

  Estimated reading time: aprox. 10 minutes (2000 characters)  Let’s be very blunt here! Tens of thousands of people flock to Venice every day packing the place up like out-of-control sardines crammed in a very narrow place. Add to that a 1000 years old city that was entirely built on

Please let it rain in Venice! – a photo diary

Rain brings magic every time  it falls… or at least that’s how we feel about it! There is something clean and fresh and a smell of new when the moist of rain fills the air. Granted, rainy weather is not something one usually hopes for during a vacation – and indeed

The Village Museum in Bucharest – photo diary

We always love it when we find islands of tranquility in the heart of major cities. As much as we love urban life after a couple of days of visiting large metropolises we do feel the need to break the pace once in a while and take a step back